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How to shave pubic hair, benefits and disadvantage

How to shave pubic hair

How to shave pubic hair, removing pubic hair is a personal preference. Going to the parlor to remove the hair of the private part feels a bit ashamed. The private part is the most delicate part of the body and is so sensual that when touched, the hair becomes erect in your body. There are many people who never cut the hair of their private part, if you do not cut the hair off your private part, it can cause itching in your private part. Due to itching on the private part, you may face different types of problems, if you are out of place, due to these things, you are not able to itch the private part. So you should always keep the private part clean. By the way, everyone wants to keep their private parts clean. But most people feel a little shy about talking about it and it is not just the story of anyone, it is in everyone's mind.

The right way to cut the hair of the genitals or below increases the cleanliness and hygiene of your private parts. Keeping the private parts clean also includes the correct method of cutting pubic hair. Both women and men should know how to cut pubic hair. Because your private parts are very sensitive. If you use the wrong methods of cutting pubic hair or are careless then you are more likely to get hurt. Therefore, all of you should adopt an easy way to cut the hair of your genitals. Keeping your private parts clean and well prepared gives you a new feeling that will make both you and your partner happy. Therefore, today we have brought some such measures for men and women, with the help of which you can easily remove the hair of your private part.

In fact, there are no health benefits of pubic hair removal. It is really beneficial to have pubic hair. First, let's talk about how to remove pubic hair.

Some common tools to clean the hair of the private part


Hair removal is the oldest method, it is very easy to use, for this you just have to spend a blade, and just you have to pay the attention that your blade is not old and it did not use by anyone. After saving, wash your private part thoroughly. For this, you can take the help of any soap and shampoo and spray liquid Dettol on it.

You can easily remove the hair with the help of scissors without damaging your private part. Its biggest advantage is that it does not cause your private part to get cut. Often people like this method very much, after this you can clean it completely using hair removal cream.

There is a special opportunity for people living in the 21st century. It is very easy to use a trimmer designed with the help of science. This will set the hair of your private part in a pinch. The biggest feature is that by using it, you can also design hair near your private part.

After using it, you just have to pay attention that after trimming your hair will be small, it should not go inside your private part. For this, wash your private part thoroughly.

How to shave pubic hair men

Hair falling in secret is a special problem for all men. Most men do not want the presence of hair around their penis. But being natural, that hair cannot be stopped from growing. However, men can reduce the appearance of hair by cutting these hairs. But men also need to know the method of cutting private parts or hair below. Let us know, what is the right way to cut the hair under men?

Men should always cut their private hair before bathing. So that the hair coming out during cutting can be washed or cleaned easily. If you have a hair cutting machine below, then use it to the depth or to the top of the hair root. Many people are 1.3 to 2.5 cm. Long hair looks great. If you do not have a machine, then trim the sharp scissors around the penis for very clean skin. When using a scissor to cut hair one should use sharp-edged scissors.

Some people shave genital hair completely clean. If you and your partner like this look too, you can do it too. For this, you should first soak them thoroughly in water to soften your under-hair. Doing this will make it easier for you to shave down your hair. Before applying shaving cream, cut your big hair with scissors or trimmer. After this, you apply shaving cream and shave clean. If you want to smooth the skin around the private part, you can do shaving again. If you are itching after shaving, you can use a moisturizer.

After cutting or removing your genital hair, clean the area thoroughly. For this, you can use any soap. Many people like to use scented soap. But some people may experience genital skin irritation etc. by using this type of soap. Therefore, you should use soap according to your skin condition.

How to shave pubic hair women

Women should also keep cutting their private parts hair, by cutting the hair of private parts, women look very attractive. Many girls have the habit of wearing a bikini, if you wear a bikini then you should cut the hair of the private part or else you will not look attractive. There are many women who never cut the hair of the private part because they feel ashamed to cut the hair of the private part, this is absolutely wrong. You should never hesitate due to this completely natural thing.

If the hair around the private part of women has become very thick and thick, then they should be cleaned safely. Most women may have hair ranging from 1.3 to 2.5 cm in length. So women should trim theirs under hair with caution. However, there are many ways for women to remove unwanted hair too. But if women do not want to adopt these measures then they can cut their private part hair. Let's know what is the method of cutting women's private part of the hair?

Shave with a safety razor without cutting yourself

Some girls say that shaving is the best and easiest for pubic hairs because the hair usually grows back in just a few days. Meanwhile, your genital area feels itchy and prickly because the skin in this area is very sensitive. If seen, shaving is used to cut the hair of the genitals for many years already, shaving is the most effective and easiest way to cut the hair of the genitals. Therefore, a normal person always uses shaving to cut the hair of the genitals. You should always keep an eye on the genitals while using shaving because the gel is used to cut hair while shaving. The blade is very dangerous because if blood is applied to our private parts, blood can come out of our genitals immediately. Therefore it is very important to always be careful while shaving, shaving razors will save you money if you use it to cut the hair of the genitals because shaving razors are very cheap. This method can be more expensive if you buy an electronic racer instead of a shaving razor, there is absolutely no need for other tools for shaving. So if you cut the hair of the genitals by shaving, you will take less time. Many people say that there is a lot of pain while cutting the hair of the genitals, but by shaving friends, if you cut the hair of the genitals, you will not have any pain.

Right razor for shaving

Women have slightly softer hair than men. In such a situation, the razor used by men can harm you. Women are requested to use such razor for shaving the hair which has grown in their genitals, which is made only for special women (Razor for Female).

Schedule shaving

Note that by shaving frequently, your hair can become very strong and strong, which can cause irritation. In this case, determine a specific time for shaving.

Use disinfectant cream

Often we women ignore the use of a good cream after shaving. In such a situation, the problem can be quite dire. You can balance the ideal 3.5 PH level of the private part by using an Ideal Women Sanitizer (V-wash).

Take care of cleanliness

Generally, the lack of cleanliness in the genitals can become a major cause of irritation and itching. Clean your hair regularly and use anti-bacterial oil or cream. This will help with hair care in your genitals.

The disadvantage of razor shaving

Within a few days of shaving on the genitals, you start regaining the hair, so you will have to shave on the genitals repeatedly. If seen many times, shaving can also cause itching. If there is a cut on your skin while shaving with the blade, it starts bleeding from your skin. So always be careful while shaving.

Safety Guidelines when Shaving Pubic Hair

  • Use a mirror in one hand so that you can see the area you want to shave.
  • Trim your hair as much as possible before you start shaving - use scissors very slowly because it will become a big problem if cut.
  • Soak in the tub for at least 5 minutes to soften the skin and pubic hair before shaving.
  • Apply shaving cream or gel with Aloe Vera or any good gel (made for women) to all areas you plan to shave.
  • Use a new/sharp razor or "bikini" razor - do not use a bad blade.
  • Hold the skin tight with one hand and shave with a razor on the other hand. Avoid using too much pressure.
  • Shave in the direction in which the hair is grown, i.e. do not move the razor in the opposite direction.
  • After shaving, clean and dry your skin with warm water.
  • After shaving, apply baby oil or Aloe Vera gel properly. This will make the skin soft and glowing.

Hair remover cream

This hair removal method is painless, but it is important to keep in mind that not all "diplomats" are safe to use on your vulva or "bikini line". So while buying any hair remover cream, read its label properly. Read and follow all the instructions carefully before applying on your vulva, bikini line. Do not leave the cream for any length of time according to the instructions. If you see redness, swelling, or rash, it may mean that you are allergic to hair remover. If you have any kind of irritation or itching from the cream, clean it immediately with water. Before buying the cream, check the date on it.

Before using any beauty products, you must do a simple test on your skin. For this, apply a little cream on your skin and wait for a while. If there is no redness or red rash, itching at that place, then it means that the product or cream is safe for your skin.

Waxing to clean the hair of the genitals

Waxing is a popular and old remedy for removing the hair of the genitals. Only adopt this remedy which has the ability to eradicate pain. By the way, waxing is divided into three types, bikini waxing, Brazilian waxing, and Hollywood waxing. You should adopt the remedy which you like.

Bikini waxing

In bikini waxing, waxing is done only on the bikini line. The hair around this private part does not come under it.

Brazilian waxing

Many women choose Brazilian waxing for waxing. In this type of waxing, you can get rid of the hair of your secret organs. Brazilian waxing has been popular since the 1980s when a semiprecious bikini with thin threads came into fashion.

Hollywood waxing

Hollywood waxing is also done in this way all the hair of internal organs is completely removed.

If seen, the waxing is much more effective than razor shaving. Bikini waxing is more commonly done in women, the woman who wants to wear a bikini uses bikini waxing. Bikini waxing cleans hair around the private part. You do not get hair for 20 to 60 days after the waxing. You can enjoy without hair for 20 to 60 days because waxing is a very cheap method, you can easily adapt this method.

In this, a thin layer of hot liquid wax is applied to the hair you want to remove. Next, a stiff cloth-like material is placed before the wax hardens. It takes a few seconds for the wax to harden. Once hardened, the cloth strip is quickly pulled. This method of hair removal is usually painful (when the cloth is pulled). Waxing is different from other hair removal methods because the hair is removed from the root so it does not grow back quickly. If you decide to remove your pubic hair using the wax method, it would be best to do it in a salon or spa. Those people are experts in waxing so that the pain will not be too much. Personally, I believe that waxing will be safe and painless if done by an expert. However, if you are going to do at home, keep the temperature of the wax low and do not rush.

The disadvantage of waxing

You should always be careful while waxing. Because while waxing, your skin may also get a scratch. You should also always take care that there is no injury to your private part by bikini waxing. If your private part gets hurt then you will have to face trouble. If seen, a lot of women do not do bikini waxing, because there is a possibility of injury to the private part while doing bikini waxing. After waxing you are likely to get itchy or jealousy because we have to use a chemical-rich cream while doing the vaccine. After waxing, if your genitals are very itchy, then you should not itch the genitals or else the skin of your genitals will start to crack. Diabetes patients, pregnant women, and women taking certain medicines such as birth control pills are required to seek expert advice.

Use a laser to remove the hair of the genitals

If you are absolutely bored with shaving and waxing, then you should use a laser. Laser hair removal is a process that uses a strong beam of light that penetrates the skin to destroy the hair follicles. The hair eventually falls out. Nowadays laser is a very much used method. The results may vary from person to person and some people may see temporary redness and swelling after treatment. This procedure varies in length, depending on how much hair is to be removed, and you should wear protective eyewear during treatment. Laser hair removal can be costly because this treatment is in a very expensive hospital and you may have to take laser treatment 6 or more times to completely remove hair. Sometimes it doesn't even work. If you choose this method of hair removal, first consult a health expert who is an expert in dermatology or cosmetic surgery, and who has experience in laser hair removal. Make sure that the salon is clean and they also have all the necessary certificates.

Electrolysis is the only hair removal method that removes hair permanently. If you want to get rid of your hair forever then this treatment is the best. With its help, you will never grow hair again. This treatment is more expensive than everyone else, but it is a permanent solution. A needle-shaped electrode is used to destroy the root of the hair. With the help of electrodes your hair ends from the root and you do not have to use any other method. This procedure is a bit long, it takes about 20-25 siting but it is confirmed that you will get rid of these hairs forever. Costs may vary depending on location and other factors.

Natural methods to remove genitals hair

The unwanted hairs of the genitals are slightly harder, which requires more effort to remove, as well as the soft skin of the internal organs also have to be taken care of, which is why it seems difficult to remove the hair of the genitals at home. But you can adopt this method in the home remedy of hair removal of private parts.

White pepper powder and camphor

Add the ground camphor to the white pepper powder. Soak it with kerosene oil and prepare it as a paste. Now trim the hair with the help of scissors to remove the parts from which the hair has to be removed and apply this mixture like a paste and keep it for 20 to 25 minutes. This will cause hair to fall automatically.

Gram flour and salt

Cut the hair and cut it short. Mix gram flour in water and make a thick batter. Add a little salt to it as well. Apply it on the hair of internal organs. Let it dry and rub it clean. It is helpful in reducing hair slowly but does not have any side effects.

Aloe Vera and honey

There are many natural methods to remove the hair of the genitals, if you want that there is not much hair on your genitals, then you should apply Aloe Vera on the genitals every day. If you apply Aloe Vera gel and honey on your hair, then within a week, you will see the hair of the genitals getting reduced.

Sugar, honey, and lemon

Take 3 teaspoons of sugar in a bowl, mix one teaspoon of honey and lemon in 3 teaspoons of sugar and apply this mixture on the hair of the genitals. After applying this mixture on the hair of the genitals, remove it from the waxing strip and your hair will come out easily. Apart from this method, you can also remove the hair of the genitals by using gram flour.

Lemon and honey

You can also remove the hair of the genitals with lemon and honey. First of all heat the lemon and honey on the gas, after heating on the gas, keep this mixture on the hair for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes of shaving on the hair, you will start getting new hair after 10 to 20 days.

Honey with barley

It is also an easy and home remedy to remove unwanted hair. Heat both of these together. It will look like wax. It can be applied to your genitals to remove hair.

Banana and Barley Scrubs
Banana is very beneficial for dry skin. It also makes the skin soft with a glow. Barley flour helps in exfoliating the skin well. By mixing these two together you can remove the hair slowly in a natural way. Mash a ripe banana thoroughly. Make a paste by mixing barley flour in it and to remove unwanted hair, apply this paste in a circular motion in that part. Wash it clean with water. This experiment should be repeated every week.

Alum and rose water

Since ancient times this method has been used for the hair of the secret organs. You can use alum either in solid or powder form. Add ½ teaspoon alum powder to 3 tablespoons rose water. Dissolve it well with a spoon and apply it on the hair with a cotton ball. But it should not be kept for more than 15 minutes. Be sure to apply olive oil for moisture after washing with water.

Potatoes and Lentils

In Ayurveda, potatoes have been treated like natural bleach. Hair can be separated from the skin by mixing it with lentils. Soak the lentils in water overnight. For this, you can use yellow lentils. Grate the potatoes and extract the juice. Finely grind the lentils. Mix these two together and mix 1 teaspoon honey and 4 teaspoons lemon juice. Keep it on the skin for 20 minutes and rub it off.

All the above methods are very good for removing unwanted hair.

Those who clean the hair of private parts have more sexual diseases (Disadvantage)

People who shave or wax or even cut the hair around their private parts are more at risk of sexual dysfunction than others. In the US, a survey of more than 7500 people aged 18 to 65 years found that those who clean the hair around the private parts are at an 80 percent higher risk of getting sexual diseases. Researchers have found that some infections such as herpes and chlamydia are the ones whose risk is highest in those who clean hair frequently or regularly.

This study was on the relationship of both the conditions i.e. sexual dysfunction and hair cutting and not the causes. That is, this research does not reveal whether cutting hair can be the cause of any disease or not. But researchers speculate that shaving or waxing breaks the skin layer. Due to this the virus can attack easily. Sharing razors etc. increases the danger. For example, the use of a single blade can spread HIV.

This research has been published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections. According to this, one reason for the possibility of increasing the risk of diseases by cutting hair can also be that people who cut hair are more likely to get into dangerous sexual relationships. According to research, Cutting of private parts hair is seen as well prepared to have sex. It is related to the number of sexual partners.

Out of the total 7850 people surveyed, 74 percent used to clean the hair of private parts. Among those who did so, 66 percent were men and 84 percent were women. Among the methods used to clean hair, most people use a razor, scissors or wax. Men mostly use electric razors while women use the manual razor. 20 percent of people use scissors.

This study showed that people who clean hair also had the number of sexual partners. The frequency of their sex was also higher than the others. And among those who suffer from sexual diseases, hair cleanser turned out to be 14 percent more.

Researchers say that this study will prove helpful in bringing about necessary reforms in sex education.

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