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Allergies to Water, Food, Sun and Symptoms, Cause, Prevention

Allergies to Water,

Allergies to water, Due to salt water, hair loss, skin problems, stomach diseases, etc. are also happening in people. To avoid this, some societies have water softener plants, but even this is not being done. Every other month, people have to change the RO membrane for drinking water. Many people have started accepting water bottles because it is expensive to serve RO so soon. Some people do not even know how many TDS waters they are drinking, due to bad water, hair loss and dry skin has become a problem. TDS of water is often up to one thousand. The parlor also had to go to the hair spa. Skin is also facing many problems.

What is TDS?

The amount of salt, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, carbonates, chlorides, etc. dissolved in water is called TDS. TDS pH and hardness levels are seen to measure drinking water. According to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the human body can tolerate a maximum of 500 ppm TDS. It becomes dangerous when it reaches 1000 ppm. At the same time, TDS in RO filtered water is between 18 and 25, which is quite low. By drinking such water, the body does not get many essential minerals.

Drinking water should be

General Physician Dr. Naman Sharma said that TDS of drinking water should not be less than 75. By drinking this water with low TDS, bones are weak and the body does not get the necessary minerals. Water with more than 150 TDS becomes dangerous to drink. It is prone to stones.

What do say, Doctors

Dr. Sakshi Srivastava (Dermatology Senior Consultant, Jaypee Hospital Noida) says, 'I get about 15 to 20 cases out of 40 daily, in which people are prone to hair loss and dry skin due to bad water. People who have sensitive skin also get infection problems.

What is an allergy?

Allergy is a simple disease. If your body responds to certain drugs, substances, and nutrition, then it is considered allergies. Allergies can be caused by any food, pets, change in weather, any flower-fruit-vegetable intake, fragrance, dust, smoke, medicine, etc. Whenever we feel allergies to something, our immune system is not able to accept these things in this situation and the result is a dangerous reaction. In this condition, there may be red rashes on the body, running water from the nose and eyes, nausea, vomiting or breathlessness, from fast walking to fever. Most allergies are not dangerous, but sometimes the problem can be serious. In some people, the allergy lasts for a long time, but let us tell you that in case of allergy, most of the control can be kept.

Why are allergies?
It is very difficult to find out what a person is allergies too. There can be different reasons for allergies in every person, usually, people do not take it seriously, although doing so can sometimes prove to be quite harmful. Today every type of food is being adulterated. The dining table has become a terrible and scary story. Like a dream. Now, every person thinks before eating that we will not have allergies by eating it.

Allergies symptoms

Symptoms of allergy vary from person to person. If you have frequent colds, itching in nose, skin, eyes, difficulty in breathing. Some people are also allergies to dietary substances. Allergy symptoms like abdominal pain, swollen face, skin irritation.

If you know for what reasons you may be allergies, then keep away from them. And if you do not know, then you can tell why it is allergies to these things. Avoid getting close to pets and animals. Do not use wool carpet at home and keep soft toys clean. Do not go from cold to hot and from hot to cold in a very changing environment, this can cause you a cold.

Everything you feel allergies too. Whenever you get close to or come in contact with that thing, the symptoms of allergy start appearing, which gradually spread. Many types of allergies affect our bodies differently. In which mainly our eyes and breathing processes are affected.

1.     Watery eyes
2.     Itching in ear pores
3.     Swelling of eyes or face
4.     Trouble breathing
5.     Cough and wheezing
6.     Headache
7.     Sneezing
8.     Runny nose

Allergies types

There are many types of allergies. These include some of the most common allergies.

Drug allergy (allergy due to drugs etc.)

An abnormal reaction by the immune system affected by a drug etc.

Food allergies

Having an unpleasant or dangerous reaction by the immune system, after consuming certain types of foods.

Contact dermatitis

Allergies skin rash etc. by touching or coming in contact with a substance.

Latex allergies

Allergies reaction to certain types of protein, the protein found in natural rubber latex.

Allergies with asthma

Asthma starting with the same substance that triggers an allergies reaction.

Allergies Season

An allergies reaction that causes watery eyes, itching, peels and other things associated with them.

Animal allergies

The unusual reaction of the animal's saliva, urine and skin cells to the immune system.


A severe and potentially life-threatening allergies reaction.

Allergies to mold

Abnormal allergies reaction caused by mold spores.

Allergies cause

It has been seen many times that some people are allergies to food. Like an egg, milk, meat, etc. Wherever you are allergies to it, you may also have problems like nausea after eating, itching in the body, or rash and rashes on the body.

Allergies drugs
The range of effects of an allergy to medicines is quite large. Different effects can be seen in every person's body. There may be rashes and itching on one person's body, while the other may have no problem. Such allergies account for 5 to 10 percent of the total allergies. Allergies' reactions to some drugs are seen more. Antibiotics such as penicillin, pain relievers, epileptic seizures and chemotherapy (cancer drugs). Symptoms of a severe type of allergy from medications include vomiting, hair loss, stomach upset, and diarrhea. Sometimes the enzymes of some medicines given in the treatment of blood pressure cause symptoms such as cough, swelling of face and tongue.

Food allergies

In such allergies, our body's immune system (immune system) manifests hypersensitivity to a particular protein involved in food. Eating small amounts of such foods causes allergies symptoms. Some special food allergens also include milk, eggs, fish and other non-vegetarian food, soy, preservatives, fast foods, and wheat. A distinct difference between food intake and food allergy is that the immune system in the allergen manifests an unnecessary response, which is caused by a particular protein involved in that food item. Food intake, on the other hand, is caused by the lack of a digestive enzyme.

Latex allergy

Latex is a viscous liquid resembling milk secreted from a rubber plant, into which rubber is made by mixing some chemicals. It is used in making gloves, balloons, rubber bands, erasers, and sporting goods. This type of allergy is more common in those people who use latex items more. For example, doctors and paramedical personnel have to wear gloves made of latex to prevent infection. This allergy is more common in such people. Other types of allergies have also been seen in 50 percent of people with latex allergy. Food allergy is also comparatively higher in such people.

Allergies to insect stings

Many of us have endured the pain of bee’s stings, and then you must also remember how redness and swelling used to occur at that place with intense pain. In people who suffer from such allergies, the condition becomes more severe. Other severe symptoms include swelling on the face, throat and tongue, difficulty in breathing, heaviness in the body, abdominal cramps, nausea, and body. Rashes and itching etc. are included.

Pet allergies

Substances found in pets' cries, dandruff, saliva, and urine can cause allergies. In addition, the pollen and fungus spores collected in the fur of these animals can also cause allergies. Symptoms of such allergies include sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and asthma Symptoms are included. The presence of pets can cause increased symptoms in people suffering from other types of allergies.


Perfumes and chemicals some people also get various types of allergies from scented sprays, perfumes, and chemicals.

Allergies to toys
In particular, children suffer from skin allergies and asthma due to soft toys and teddy bears with fur.


Sometimes wearing things made of metal such as gold and silver jewelry also causes allergies in our body. Where after wearing such mantle, it can cause itching and burning sensation on our body. Therefore, those who are allergies to things made of metal should avoid its use.


Grass, flowers and sometimes trees also cause allergies reactions. Where it comes in contact with these things, itching, eye irritation, frequent sneezing, and nausea can come up.

Allergies prevention

As the best treatment, we have brought some remedies, by which you can easily avoid allergies: -

1. Those people who are allergies, first of all, have to find out what you are allergies too. For this, you have to focus on yourself and monitor your living.

2. If there is a lot of open space outside the house, then allow maximum open-air in the house.

3. Whenever you go out of the bike, auto, then tie a napkin on the nose and mouth. Apart from this, apply good quality sunglasses to the eyes.

4. Commodity plant it is allergies to flowers, stay away from them. Also, do not let the mess around the house.

5. Periodically wash the mattress and pillows of the bed on which you sleep. Also, keep showing sunshine from time to time.

6. Clean the webs from time to time in the house and take care of cleanliness at all times.

Allergies home remedies

Allergies treatment, The first and most effective home allergies remedy to avoid allergies is to stay as far away from allergens (allergenic substances) as possible. Your doctor will also advise you first. For example, if you are allergies to sulfa drugs, tell them to your doctor. Your doctor will definitely prescribe you antibiotics that do not contain sulfa drugs.

However, some allergies substances are very difficult to avoid. For example, how far you try to stay away from the pollen particles, but due to their increase in the atmosphere during the season, they reach your nose. To avoid these allergens in this situation, you need to adopt some home remedies. So I am going to tell you about the home remedies approved by some researchers.

Get HEPA filters done at home or office

HEPA is a device to reduce heavy particles from the atmosphere. It cleanses the pollen particles, dust, pollution, etc. those cause allergies in the air.

Papaya and Pineapple

Papaya and pineapple contain an enzyme called bromelain that reduces inflammation in the respiratory system (respiratory system) caused by allergies and cures breathlessness.

Probiotics are those living bacteria and yeast that are beneficial for our body, especially for the digestive system. Yogurt is one of the biggest sources of probiotics. Its medicines are also available at medical stores, which you can take after consulting your doctor.


However, there is no scientific evidence to prove this. But one theory proves natural honey to be quite rational. According to this theory, bees use pollen particles to make their honey, we are allergies to these pollen particles. Therefore, if we consume regular homegrown honey, then over time, the allergies reaction will decrease in us.

Many naturopaths consider scorpion herbs beneficial in treating allergies.


Keratin is most prevalent among naturopaths for the treatment of allergies. It controls the secretion of histamine in the body and helps in reducing the symptoms of allergies.

Coconut Oil and camphor

If you are having any type of allergy in the skin, then grind coconut oil and camphor and mix both of them and apply on the place of itching, this will give you quick relief.

At the time of allergy season

Turmeric has effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that treat allergies from the root. Pour a mixture of six teaspoons of turmeric powder and honey in a clean burnie. Drink one teaspoon of mixture 2 times a day.

Neem leaves

Soak Neem leaves overnight and grind leaves, The next day and apply on your itchy area, it ends your skin allergies. If you want, you can also boil Neem leaves in water and take a bath with that water, this will eliminate your allergy to a great extent.

Cleaning around
Keep your surroundings clean, wash clothes that have been kept for a long time, because they may contain bacteria that cause allergies, and stay away from itchy animals.

Intake of lemon

Lemon intake is very beneficial in the problem of allergy. In this problem, you can consume lemon in the morning by squeezing it in water.


Wash the area affected by skin allergies with alum. Then mix camphor in coconut oil at this place. It benefits a lot.

Sandalwood paste

Sandal paste applied to the affected area is also very beneficial in skin allergies.

Warm water

Consumption of basil, lemon, black pepper and honey in lukewarm water should be taken due to allergy due to pollution.

Sour and oily food

To avoid allergies in the changing weather, avoid consuming sour and oily things.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is rich properties in vitamins A and C. Not only massage of Aloe Vera gel but also by consuming Aloe Vera juice also provides essential vitamins to the skin. Aloe Vera is an excellent remedy to remove pimples, blemishes or allergies on the skin. By adding rose water in Aloe Vera gel, the allergy disappears soon.

Taking steam
Boiling clean water and taking steam from it relieves runny nose and blocked nose.

Cold compress

Use a cold compress to get rid of eye irritation. Rubbing snowflakes on the eyes also give relief.

Salt gargles

Gargling with salt in warm water reduces throat irritation and soreness.

Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar may just be the most useful spice in your kitchen. This can help you clear rain and sinks. It is amazing in dressing. It can remove odors from sweaty clothes, reduce heartburn and treat dandruff. As we said, it is a rock star.

Work out

Yes, the last thing you want to do is when you feel like you are doing a workout. However, researchers in Thailand found just 30 minutes of time for moderate to intense activity, which can provide considerable relief from allergies.

Pepper and garlic pack

Pack of black pepper is also very beneficial if you are allergies to the skin. To make it, grind them with some leaves of basil. Now mix one teaspoon of olive oil, two garlic cloves, a pinch of salt and a pinch of black pepper and apply it on the allergies skin. Wash after a while, will benefit.


The anti-oxidant present in lemon is beneficial in relieving skin allergies. Apply lemon juice with cotton at the place of allergy. Apart from this, you can also apply lemon juice mixed with coconut oil.

Olive oil
Olive oil contains polyphenols anti-oxidant which protects cells from free radicals from termination. Applying olive oil to skin allergies provides instant relief. Olive oil is especially effective in calming irritation and itching caused by allergies.

High water intake

The best home remedy to avoid skin allergies is to consume plenty of water. Drinking a sufficient amount of water removes body dirt along with urine.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil, being anti-bacterial, cleanses and removes the bad allergens. So, in case of allergy, heat coconut oil lightly and apply it on your skin before sleeping at night. And let it be so overnight.

Allergies from dust

Nowadays allergy is a common problem. If someone is allergies to heat, then someone is allergies to cold. But some people also get allergies to dusty soil. When a person's immune system does not work well then he gets allergies to anything very quickly. Dust soil allergy causes a person with a cold and the problem gradually increases. So that the person has to face difficulties.

Symptoms of allergies dust:-
Cough is caused by dusty soil allergies again and again.
Coughing again and again.
Cold again and again.
The breath starts to swell.

Any dust that acts in the soil causes a cold. But we can fix it by taking some home remedies. Let us know, what are the solution.


Steam ingestion is the most panacea of ​​dust allergy. If we take steam of hot water for 10 minutes, it gives relief to our lungs and we start breathing freely.

Vitamin C
To remove dusty soil allergies, taking citrus fruits such as oranges, sweet lemons, seasonal, etc. can be used to remove dusty soil allergies.


Honey has this property which not only removes our allergies but also gives us relief from colds. Taking honey also cures sore throat and cough.


If we eat a little jaggery after doing any dusty soil work, then we can get rid of the problem of allergy also. Where we get strength from jaggery, we also avoid allergies.

Apple vinegar

If we drink a teaspoon of apple vinegar mixed with some water, then it also gives a lot of relief.

Dust soil allergies can be cured by drinking decoction.

Turmeric milk

Drinking turmeric milk also cures allergy problems. When we drink milk with turmeric, it brings out the phlegm.

Allergies to food

Many people's body's immune system considers proteins found in food to be viruses. Whenever we fall ill due to a virus, the immune system of our body sends antibodies from the body and destroys them. The same immune system also destroys the food proteins inside some people.

IgE antibodies are produced by our bodies whenever we eat food with an allergy. IgE antibodies bind to the IgE receptor of the cell. Inside the food, an allergen binds two antibodies to each other. This removes the proinflammatory mediator from inside the cell. Due to this mediator, our skin can become red and we feel itchy skin. This is called a food allergy.

Why food is allergies

Allergies food, Right now science is not fully aware of it. But according to the research that has been done, the reason for this is both our DNA and our environment. Its relation has also been found with the bacteria in our stomach. Some bacteria help us avoid allergies.

It is more frequent in young children.
If someone else in the family has a food allergy then children can also have it.
Some people get a lot of allergies due to medical conditions.
Our genetics is also responsible for this.
Our environment and the things we interact with daily also, affect it.

What to do with someone who has a food allergy?

The most important thing is that if someone has a food allergy then they should avoid such things. It has a big problem in America. Everything made of peanuts in school does not allow any child to come to school.

Those who have food allergies should always take an injection of epinephrine with a doctor.

If someone eats something with allergies under an accident, it can be very dangerous and can even die. We have been to Emergency twice because of this allergy. Anaphylactic shock can occur if done repeatedly.

Be very careful if you have food allergies. If you know that someone else has food allergies, do not take food made with those things in front of them.

Allergies to the sun

Sun rays often cause many people an allergy problem, it is called sun allergy. In this, scratches like red rash and itching occur on the body. Basically, it is a reaction to our body's immune system.

Sun allergies occur only in some sensitive people, and in some cases, they can occur only in a few brief moments before the sun. These allergies appear in the body on the upper part of the neck, hands, back, arms and legs. Sometimes in rare cases, the skin reaction may be more severe. There are small blisters or blisters on the skin, which can spread on the skin of the body.

Polymorphous light eruption

It starts itching or scratching the body within two hours of being in the sun. The rash usually appears on the lower part of the neck, arms and legs ie sunlight.

Actinic prurigo

This allergy is also called hereditary polymorphous light irrigation. Its symptoms are similar to those of Polymorphous. But this allergy is usually more visible on the face. The area around the lips is more affected by this.

Donate Photo Allergies

Symptoms of such allergies are red rash or itching, small blisters. In some cases, skin irritation occurs even after covering the body with a cloth. Because the body's response to the sun is hypersensitive to photoallergic allergies, such skin symptoms begin one or two days after being in the sun.

Solar Urticarial

This type of allergy causes hives on the body, usually appearing on the exposed surface of the skin within minutes of exposure to sunlight.

If you have more severe sun-related symptoms - particularly blisters or bleeding from under the skin rash - then you need to seek diagnostic solutions from your doctor. In most cases, depending on your symptoms, your doctor can confirm that you are allergies to polymorphisms or sun rays. Or hereditary itching problem. Your family history and a simple examination of your skin or, sometimes, additional tests are required for this.

Allergies test

Skin biopsy

In the biopsy of the skin, a small piece of skin is removed and examined in a laboratory.

Allergies Blood test

In this therapy, blood tests are done to detect changes or imbalances in the system of the body.

Photo testing
In this therapy, a measured amount of ultraviolet light is tested on skin grains. If it shows symptoms on your skin that are exposed to ultraviolet light, then after this exposure, the test confirms that your skin has a sun-related allergy.

Allergy diagnosis

Upon reviewing current medications, skin lotions, sunscreens in diagnosis, the doctor can advise you to start using any, if there are symptoms of a photoallergic allergy. Then by temporarily stopping taking this alternative medicine, lotion or sunscreen for some time, doctors also see if it reduces the symptoms of your skin.

Photo patch test

If necessary, your doctor may also advise you to visit a dermatologist. Which will test a photo patch on you which is a diagnostic procedure? By combining a small amount of ultraviolet light and chemical DNA on a small area of ​​the body skin, combining it diagnoses the intensity of your allergy.

If you have symptoms of solar bile, the doctor can confirm the diagnosis of urticarial recurring by using a photo patch test.

Apart from this, you should take special care in case of the problem of sun allergy. Try to get out in the sun at least. If too much is necessary, then cover the body and go out. It can use an umbrella. Also, apply sunscreen with it.

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