Uric acid control

Uric acid control

Uric acid control, this compound made from carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen elements, which is obtained from the protein in the form of amino acids from the body. It is available in the form of ammonium acid urate such as urate and acid urate in the form of ions and salts in the body. Protein is composed of amino acids. When the protein breaks during the process of digestion, uric acid is formed in the body when urine becomes acid even when purine nucleotide breaks down in the body. Read HIV AIDS Care

Why do uric acid increase in the body?

Due to the poor lifestyle of nowadays, the increase in uric acid in the body is to invite a serious illness. This is due to the breakdown of a substance called purine in your body and it reaches our kidneys through the blood. Generally uric acid exits through urine. But many times it gets stored inside our body. Due to this, uric acid increases in the body. If uric acid is not treated at the right time, it can also be proven to be fatal. Read Bacteria Control Tips

The main reasons for uric acid growing

  • Changes in diet and lifestyle are the major reasons for uric acid growth.
  • If there are diabetic patients then uric acid is increasing in your body because diabetic drugs also increase uric acid.
  • Ureic acid increases by eating red meat, seafood, lentils, Rajma, mushrooms, cabbage, tomatoes, peas, cottage cheese, okra, Arabic and rice.
  • Purine protein, taken as food, also increases the level of uric acid.
  • If your kidney is bad then due to this, uric acid cannot be completely removed from the body. This also increases the level of uric acid.
  • The people who keep fast also increases the level of uric acid temporarily.
  • For exercising or forcing to lose weight several times the level of uric acid increases.
  • Due to blood pressure medicines, pain killers and anti-cancer drugs, the number of uric acid increases.
  • High protein intake is also responsible for uric acid. By taking high protein food (especially ingredients such as beef/mutton or animal organisms), the amount of uric acid in the body may increase.

Symptoms of uric acid

  • Problems of pain in the ankles
  • The problem of swelling in knots
  • The ankles are unbearable for long sitting or walking
  • Increasing levels of sugar in the body
  • Have trouble running
  • Pain in the knee
  • Fast itching in the thumb of the legs
  • Having trouble sitting and sitting
  • Swelling in the fingers
  • In addition, there is prick pain in the fingers of the feet and hands, which becomes unbearable at times. In this man becomes tired more quickly. Therefore, do not ignore these symptoms. If any of these symptoms are ever seen, contact the doctor.

Uric acid control

Which test to check uric acid

Urine test for uric acid
Blood test for uric acid

Uric acid control

What should be consumed in uric acid?

Eat Apple Cider Vinegar Regularly

If you regularly take an empty stomach apple cider vinegar, this will end your uric acid problem as soon as possible. The reason for this is that it contains abundant amounts of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which prevents the problem of uric acid. Read Sex during period good or bad

Take small cardamom

Cardamom will be definitely in the kitchen of every household, but do you know that the use of small cardamom can be solved with severe problems like uric acid. Along with this, regular eating of cholesterol can also be found in the problem. Read How to cure pe permanently

Do not forget to take onion

If you want to control uric acid as soon as possible, then do not forget to take onion in your diet. Onion increases the level of protein and metabolism in the body, which keeps the amount of uric acid under control. Read How to shave pubic hair and Private part cleaning by natural methods

Uric acid control

Drink plenty of water

The problem of uric acid is eliminated with adequate water intake, which is because when you consume more of the water, then it goes out of the way through uric acid. When your body is fully hydrated by an adequate intake of water, it can also be solved by the problem of uric acid. Read How to get rid of vaginal odor naturally

Take Vitamin C in adequate quantity

To get rid of the uric acid problem, you should take vitamin C regularly in your diet. Things like orange and amla should be consumed regularly, as well as important sources of Vitamin C should be taken. Read How to regain virginity fast before marriage

Uric acid control

Add more fiber to your diet

Eating more food fiber will help your body get rid of uric acid. Fiber can also help to balance your blood glucose and insulin levels. It also goes to increase satiety, which helps reduce the risk of eating more. Such as barley and oats. Read Mango leaves benefits

Edge off

Stress, poor sleep habits, and very little exercise can increase inflammation. Inflammation can set a high uric acid level. Practice breathless exercises and breathtaking techniques like Yoga to help deal with your stress levels. Practice good sleep hygiene like:-
  • Avoid digital screen for two to three hours before sleeping
  • Sleeping and waking up on time
  • Avoiding caffeine after lunch
  • Talk to your doctor if you have insomnia or difficulty sleeping.
  • Check your medicines and supplements

What should be avoided in uric acid?

Excessive alcohol intake should be avoided

Drinking alcohol can make you more dehydrated. It can also trigger high uric acid levels. This is because your kidneys should first filter the products that are in the blood due to alcohol rather than uric acid and other wastes. Some types of alcoholic beverages such as beer are also more in purine. Read How to eat pumpkin, Benefits and Side effects

Reduce weight

With your diet, additional pounds can increase uric acid levels. Fat cells make more uric acid than muscle cells. Additionally, by taking extra pounds it becomes difficult to filter uric acid for your kidneys. Losing weight very quickly can also affect levels. If you are overweight, it is best to avoid fad diets and crash dimming. Talk to a nutritionist about a healthy diet and weight loss plan you can follow. Your doctor may recommend a healthy weight target for your body type. Read How to cut papaya, Benefits, and Disadvantage

Uric acid control

Balance insulin levels

When you meet your doctor, get your blood glucose level checked. This is important even if you have diabetes. 

Adults with type 2 diabetes may have too much insulin in their bloodstream. This hormone is necessary to transfer sugar from your blood into your cells where it can power every body function. However, too much insulin leads to extra uric acid in the body, as well as weight gain. Individuals with a status called Prediabetes may have high levels of insulin and high risk for type 2 diabetes. If the insulin resistance is suspected, then your doctor may want to check your serum insulin levels other than your blood glucose levels. ReaAllergies Care

Note:- Stay away from yogurt, rice, pickle, dry fruits, lentils, spinach, fast food, cold drinks, packed food, egg, meat, fish and alcohol. All these things increase the problem of uric acid.

Changes in diet, exercise, and another healthy lifestyle can improve gout and other diseases caused by uric acid levels. However, they cannot always replace the necessary medical treatment. Read Dark inner thighs, How to lighten by home remedies

Take all prescribed medicines directed by your doctor. The right combination of diet, exercise, and medicines can help keep symptoms in the bay.

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