Sex during period good or bad

Sex during period

Sex during period many assumptions of changed time have changed. There was a time when women were seated of the corner in the Period. They did not have permission to go to the house and kitchen, but now people have changed their minds. Women are working out of the house, cooked in the kitchen, as usual, every day. During this time the feeling of untouchability has changed in people. All this has changed so much that there is no problem in having sex for women during periods. Husband often inspires the wife to build relationships even during this time. For many people, it is difficult to understand the idea of making connections during this period. People usually do it without knowing whether it is right or not. Therefore, It is very important to have sex during periods and how much it is very wrong. Today, we will remove some misunderstandings regarding the Sex during the period. Read How to cure pe permanently

Sex during period

Periods are a process in women's bodies that are naturally occurring after a certain interval. This natural bodily process is associated with the reproductive system of women. Keeping this process smoothly is a sign of the good health of women. But most women do not know what to do and what to do in the menstrual cycle. Especially when it comes to sex during menstruation. Generally, we have the assumption that sex is not right during menstruation. Most people also think that it is not good to have sex during periods, but what is the reason for this, let's know. Read How to shave pubic hair and Private part cleaning by natural methods

Scientifically, there is no evidence that during sexual intercourse, there is no health-related to woman or man, either male or female, but it is necessary that both sexes should be made with mutual consent. Read How to eat guava, Benefits, and Disadvantage

Why do people make sex during periods?

Wetness in the reproductive organs

A lot of people feel comfortable in having sex during periods. The reason for this is that during this time wetness in the reproductive organs of the woman remains already, which makes it easier to have sex. And sex is more intuitive and enjoyable. Read How to get rid of vaginal odor

Sex during period

Low possibility of getting pregnant

If you want to have sex during menstruation, then you can do it. During this time, there is no harm in scientifically any kind of coitus if both partners agree. During menstruation, there is a low possibility of getting pregnant after having sexual intercourse. Read How to regain virginity fast before marriage

Sex during period

A short time of period

By repeated sexual intercourse, the woman's uterus contracts. After shrinking, rapid expulsion of blood and uterine lining from the uterus. Therefore, the time of periods is also reduced due to sexual intercourse during periods. Read Mango leaves benefits

Sex during period

Relief in pain and cramps

During periods, the woman has pain in the body several times and there is trouble of cramping. In this case, the woman gets relief from this pain and cramps by making a sexual connection. The reason for this is the increased levels of oxytocin, dopamine hormones, and endorphins in the body. Their effect is more than painkillers. Read How to eat pumpkin, Benefits and Side effects

Sex during period

Relieve Extreme Irritability and Stress

The nature of many women becomes extremely irritable during the period. In such a situation, their irritability with sex can be reduced. Endorphins and oxytocin are expelled from the body by making sexual intercourse during periods. As a result, the Pleasure Centers become active in the brain and experience the pleasure of extreme bliss. Also, get rid of stress. Read How to cut papaya, Benefits, and Disadvantage

Sex during period

What Keep Careful

Sex during period good or bad, the probability of pregnancy during the period is very low, but still, it is necessary to use condoms to completely eliminate the possibility of pregnancy. During sexual intercourse, it is important to pay special attention to the cleanliness of sexual organs so that the possibility of any type of infection is eliminated. It is important to wash the sexual organs with water and detonate and Savlon before and after sexual intercourse. Read Dark inner thighs, How to lighten by home remedies

Sex during period

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