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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

How to use a pad in period

How to use a pad
How to use a padMenstruation is a common problem occurring to every woman, so everyone has to suffer after 28 to 30 days intervals. Menstruation is also known by the names of Periods, MC or menstrual cycles, menstruation, etc. People take their own thinking about it. How to use a pad, read Uric acid control

The women who are already facing this problem know how to handle it. But the teenagers still shy away from talking about this. Nowadays a time has become quite modern. Girls are told from very small classes about this. But even then they shy away from talking about it. The most stress is the girls who come in for the first time. Periods usually start from the age of 12 to 15 years. Such people all understand about them all. But still, they are afraid of getting stains. Sanitary napkin or pad is the solution to this problem. read Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

What is a sanitary pad?

The sanitary pad made from a special kind of cotton is the best choice used during menstruation. Earlier this pad was not used. Then women used cloth. But now the sanitary pad is used instead of clothes. You will find it at a modest price at any medical store. Which you can buy according to your need. read How to eat garlic Benefits and side effects
How to use a pad

Why are sanitary pads used?

During menstruation, blood flow from the private part of the body. The sanitary pads work to absorb this blood. A pad can be used for approximately 4 to 6 hours. If it is heavy, then the pads should be changed between 3 to 4 hours. If it is normal then pads can be used for a while. read Big Breasts how to get by natural methods

Sanitary napkins on first-time periods

The girls who come in first-time periods do not know the way to use it. Although the householders tell about the use of the pads. there are some problems in adjusting it to the beginning. So here we are telling you how to put a pad in periods? read Sex during period good or bad

How to use the pad?

How to use a pad

It is very easy to use sanitary pads. For this, you follow these steps -

You should wear V-Shape Panties during periods. It will be easy to apply sanitary pads. To apply the pad, first, remove the paper on the backside of the pad and apply it on the panties. The middle part of the pad should be between on the panties. Now remove the paper from the wings and wrap it on both sides of the panty and press it well. So that the pads can be sticking to the panties. read Private part cleaning by natural methods

Remove the pad from the patty after the pad becomes dirty and wrap it well in the paper. And put it in the dustbin. Keep in mind, do not throw the pad without paper wrapping. It may be possible to spread diseases. one thing Never flashes it, always throw it in the dustbin. read Menopause symptoms

How to choose a sanitary pad?

The pads are used by all in the Periods. But it is also important to know how to choose a pad for yourself. Here are some tips that you can choose for yourself pad. read Things to avoid during period
How to use a pad

If you have normal flow, you can use a regular size pad.

How to use a pad

It will be appropriate to use a long-sized pad on heavy flow.

How to use a pad

After a few hours of heavy flow, if it seems that now the flow is decreasing, then you can use regular pads.

Some girls use two different types of pads. For a heavy flow and for the other light days. You can also use special pads for the night. They are long and wide than the back side. So when you take a turn in the night, the stain does not seem to clothe. You can also use them if you wish. read What is attraction with women

How often change sanitary pads?

Girls think that there is a lot of bleeding during menstruation. While it is not so, most of the girls usually have 4 to 12 teaspoon bleeding during periods, which is not very high. Change the pad every 4 hours for hygiene. However, you may have more bleeding during the initial days. In such a situation, it may be necessary to change pads even in 2 to 3 hours. So you change the pad according to the flow. read  How to increase stamina at home

Do you need a different pad at night?

While sleeping in the night, we keep changing the sights. In such a way, using regular napkins can lead to stained bedsheets and clothes. Therefore, if possible, that pad should be used in the night, which is long and wide from the back. So that there is no concern about the scars. read How to cure Premature ejaculation permanently
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