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Saturday, July 6, 2019

How to stop male arousal

How to stop male arousalMale arousal can be controlled only by and only by its own self-consciousness. You can read any religious book or make a prayer. It does not matter to all of these when we take control of our mind with a tough decision on our own. How to stop male arousal.
How to stop male arousal
Look, sex is a normal thing. The larger you make sex, the more trouble you have. Generally, sex is the desire of everyone, whether man or woman. This is the law of nature but when the water goes above the head then it is not good, and in the case of sex it happens when sex starts affecting you, your work is affected, disturb and you are not happy and your brain Always putting in the lust of sex. 
The simplest way to overcome sex desires is that whenever you want sex, at that time, you start thinking about how you can save your future, what you can do to brighten your future. How can you keep yourself and your family happy, then see how your sex desire will disappear like magic. read How to use a pad

What is the male arousal?

We have to first understand about sexuality because sexuality also has very dangerous consequences. Today, human beings have fallen to such an extent that we can never imagine that today a person has sex with a child of a few days. To this extent, no animal can fall. How can a person do so even after having such an understanding? This happens because a man can not control his sexuality. We have to understand it in a little psychological way. Because we have always run away from talk of sexuality. But we also do such embarrassing acts. Unless you understand sex. Until then you can not keep it under control. Our Sage Saints follow Brahmacharya. But the thoughts of sexuality are always going on in their minds. Because it is a psychological reason that whatever we want to get away from, the thing pulls us with the same strength. when You will understand sex Then sex automatically turn away from you. The more aggressive you will be, the more dangerous it will be. read Uric acid control

Why do you want to stop male arousal?

It's natural. If you are single, then with your girlfriends, otherwise married you should have very good sex with her consent with your wife. Yes, if the desire is too much of an extent, then you can take care of meditation and psychiatrist. One particular thing to look at here is that it is also a natural and physical need. Like the rest of the requirements, it is an energy form which should be converted to control rather than control. That is to say and direct this energy, it is possible by meditation. Because if pressed or tried to control, it will cause distortion and be fatal. Osho also says that it is wrong to suppress or control desire, it creates distortion, utilize this energy. Carefully and from other methods. read Exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

Taking care of sexuality is not a big deal if we keep some thoughts in mind or know. Here I am writing things which you will have to adopt, and these habits will help you to control your desires:-

Do not encourage the craving for work indulgence

Control the desire to get things that make you arousal. This primarily means that you stay away from pornography, photos, and video, which means control the craving for such things. This also means that besides pornography, you will not even go to see pornographic movies that make you laugh and drive through certain parts of any highway where there is a possibility of viewing pornographic scenes. Although you will find it difficult to do so, remember that being lazy is a habit like the other bad habits which can be controlled. Deal with your evil with you strictly. read Big Breasts how to get by natural methods
How to stop male arousal

Learn to respect yourself as well as others

Every day you play the kind of relationship you have with others if you are setting them on the basis of emotions. This means that you are not fully connected with yourself. Instead of controlling your behavior with the motivation of your mind and personality, you are determining your physical desires based on who you are and how you should behave. Similarly, if you always try to inspire other people, you can not respect others. If there is really any good feelings towards people in your mind, then you will oppose the feeling of your lust and control such emotions and try to do what is right for others and for yourself. read Sex during period good or bad

Do not consume drugs and alcohol

The use of narcotics and alcohol makes you lose your sense of right and understanding, so it becomes more difficult for you to control your emotions. If you consume these things, stop doing so immediately. This will benefit you very much. Even if you stop using drugs and alcohol, it is not so that you can not go to a bar with friends. You go to the bar but take a soft drink or apple juice instead of alcohol. Because soft drinks and apple juice both look like alcohol, you will not feel uncomfortable too. read Private part cleaning by natural methods
How to stop male arousal

Understand your needs

Most religious texts also tell that work-sense is natural, so if such feelings arise in your mind then do not feel bad because of it. Accept the existence of these emotions, because if you do not do this then you can become mentally ill and you may be too lazy. Accept libido, but do not press it, nor start acting exactly according to such desires. read Menopause symptoms

Pay attention to alternative taxation principles

There are many forms of lust, and it can be thought of by many types of perspectives. If you have any physical pain due to your lust, then, this feeling is a problem and you should deal with it. But, whatever actions you have done due to your work-environment are with the consent of two adults, then this feeling is not wrong. Libido is a natural desire and if you are disturbed because of such a feeling in your mind, then it is due to the religious beliefs and teachings that you have been listening to till now. If you also listen to the teachings of different religions, then you can think of it in a new way. read Things to avoid during period

Make a habit of moving around your eyes

Whenever you go to a place where your craving increases, then make a habit of bouncing your eyes when you are at such a place. This means that as soon as you see something that starts to make your thoughts go awry, you instantly put your eyes on something else. This is a very easy practice, but it is very useful. read What is attraction with women

Go to the group

If you can not ignore such a person for which you are feeling a sense of work, then you should adopt a decent method to talk to that person. One measure may be that when you are between other people, then you also pass the time with this person. By doing this you will not say such things or do not do any work that is not appropriate. read  How to increase stamina at home
How to stop male arousal

Practice and conquer mind with restraint

According to Yoga philosophy:-There are three qualities of the mind and three levels. Performs four actions and lives in five stages. Destroying desires is a very difficult task, but it is possible. Practice takes control of the mind. The practice is to try again and again for the situation. Overall, this process is very complex but it is possible. read How to cure Premature ejaculation permanently

Understand the women

I will not talk about the suppression of desires of lust. Fire will flare away from them. Be simple. Accept vegetarianism. If there are more girls at your workplace then talk to them. But meeting in the group. You will see that just as you understand women. The feeling of sex will gradually decrease. read How to eat garlic Benefits and side effects

Share with Your wife or sex partner

Have a wife or a partner with you, live a healthy sex life with him. This is the best way to control sex lust. If you have any desire for sex then tell the partner, she is your best partner and she has the courage to understand you with love. read How to increase stamina at home

Keep yourself busy in your work

Whatever your job, whether you are studying, job or business, you have to keep your mind busy. Because the empty mind is the house of the devil. read  Hair Loss Causes and Loss Tips
How to stop male arousal

Meditate or exercise in the morning

You have to always do this work which will improve your physical and mental health. read Capsicum Benefits and Side Effects

Think about the goal of life

If you have thought of your improvement and the goal of life then you will not have any problem. read Guava benefits and side effects

Never sit alone alone

Be found between friends or family and stay with them. Sex lust is more dominant in loneliness. Whenever it is felt that sexual lust is dominating then go out or talk to the partner or family, not be lost with the mobile alone. read Pumpkin Benefits and Side effects

Give Spirituality and God Time

Praise God in the morning and evening, whatever you believe with your mind because it says that there is power in devotion.  read Papaya Benefits and side effects

Be positive

To stay positive you can watch mobile or TV, which will lighten your mind and protect you from negativity. read Best time to drink water for weight loss
How to stop male arousal
Now, in the last, I would like to advise that healthy masturbation can also be a good way to overcome sex desires if done in the limit. There is no malfunction in masturbation, in fact, it gives you mental satisfaction and protects from any negative mentality. Some people feel that masturbation reduces our energy, but in reality, it is not - our stimuli increase our blood pressure and ejaculation reduces our blood pressure. Due to this sudden ups and downs of the press, we feel exhausted. It's like we get tired after a long race. If you have to run long races, then you should stop and run long and take long breaths. read How to cure Pe permanently

Doing all these things will end your sexual desire. Thank you for your time...

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