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Things to avoid during period

Things to avoid during period, during menstruation, there are many things that we should not do or should think about. Every week there are new information and studies about the menstrual cycle. Recent studies have revealed many interesting things about women's menstruation. The first is that when we have periods we have a tendency to love. This also happens because during this time the progesterone hormone which reduces the libido.

Things to avoid during period

Not only this, during the Periods, we cannot concentrate on anything. In the United States, on average, every female has 450 times Periods throughout her lifetime. There were periodicals about 150 times by women in the agricultural society. During our periods, a lot of blood gets flowing from our body, so we need to take care of ourselves. Now the next time you have periods, you should know what you have to do and what not to do. Let's go today to tell you some things that you should not do during your periods. How to increase stamina at home 

Do not watch depressing films

During the Periods we are experiencing many types of emotions. Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we feel sad and sometimes we feel angry and sometimes we feel unsafe. Seeing all this, the men of the house often get scared that what has happened to us. That's why we should not see any kind of deprecation films or any other program at such times. Which caused our feelings and hurts. So be as happy as possible and watch good movies. This will also keep your mood good. And the house will not be confused as to what has happened to you. Menopause symptoms

Things to avoid during period

Avoid Wax

Many women suffer a lot during periods because at this time our estrogen level decreases in our body. The women who have this for the first time know how much of it is painful. That is why many women go to the doctor at this time. And during this time, it is not possible to waxing, therefore, week after week of your periods should be waxed. When your estrogen level goes back as before. How to get Big Breasts by natural methods

Things to avoid during period

Not wearing white pants

White pants are never out of fashion anymore and during the Periods they are not less than any worn. If you have wear it accidentally, keep in mind that there is no stain. So it is better to take this risk that you do not wear your white pants in these days of the month. When your period ends you can wear these white pants with full confidence.

Things to avoid during period

Eat food made from milk

Eat calcium to avoid the pain of periods. But things made from milk like paneer or curd should not be eaten. The periods' pain may increase due to all this because it contains Ericadoniac acid. Instead, drink your almond milk or eat yogurt made of coconut milk. This will also give you calcium and will not be too painful. Apart from this, you can also eat fruits or cooks made from them. Foods that cause impotence

Things to avoid during period

Do not go to the gym for a few days

Things to avoid during periodDue to pain and cramping during periods, we often watch TV by staying at home or lie on the bed and keep eating something. But it is not okay to do all this. According to Women Health Magazine, we should not go to the gym during this time, but we should do some exercise at home only. Exercise will not only cure the pain of the body but will also get relief from periodic pain. But many women also say that exercising in the gym during periods has given them relief in periodic pain.

Things to avoid during period

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