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Private part cleaning by natural methods

Private part cleaning by natural methods, We all know that talking about the vagina, Penis, and sex in India is considered wrong. Private part cleaning, Today, there has been a gradual change in the mindset of people. It is very important to maintain cleaning the penis for which you need to have knowledge of these things.
Private part cleaning

How to keep male genitals clean 

  • Wash it every day to keep the private parts clean. The pubic hair should be washed with soft soap and water along with penis, scrotum, and anus.
  • The penis should be shaken after pissing, which also removes the remaining drops of urine.
  • After pissing and bowel movements, clean your hands properly.
  • Penis and testicles should also be cleaned daily so that the pubic hair does not cause sweating. 

Cleaning the Foreskin of private parts

When a boy is born then Penís's foreskin does not go back. In such a situation, the young should not try to pinch the penis skin. When the child grows slowly, that goes behind himself by that time the skin should be cleaned with water daily. Things to avoid during the period

Penis's Fry Skin Cleaning

Your soap should not be scent as well as chemical-free. Occasionally, the skin of the penis can be found to see substances such as white, yellow oil. Which is called smegma. It should be cleaned up. There is no defect of any kind and there are no infections. Sometimes the problem of inflammation in the penis skin is to avoid aroma soap should not be used as well as wear loose underwear. Talking about children, diapers should be changed from time to time. How to get Big Breasts by natural methods

Wash and dry private parts

The skin of the genital area is no different from other areas of the body, so at least once a day the cleaning must be done. To avoid itching in the private part, try to keep this place dry. Apart from this, the private parts should be cleaned before a sexual intercourse so that there is no problem in any way. 

Change underwear

Men should change their underwear daily. This can help prevent infection, burn, and odor. If you do a lot of work or you sweat more than you can change it in the afternoon.
Private part cleaning

Keep checking for private parts

Testing of gender and testicle should be done from time to time. If you have any problems like wounds, swelling, redness, wart, etc., contact the doctor once. These can be signs of STD, cancer or other problems. Lesbian sex

Talk to your partner about private parts

For sexual hygiene, it is very important to talk to your partner. Before making a relationship, both should take their own test so that they can be removed if there is any sexual problem. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to have sex with protection.

Talk to your doctor

It is recommended that at least once a year, check with your doctor. Do not hide anything during a meeting with the doctor.

Private Pubic Hair Cleaning

Cleanliness of Pubic Hair is very important. Bacteria and viruses make their home due to sweating in this place. To avoid diseases like this, clean pubic hair with a light soap daily. Keep your pubic hair short and keep them trim from time to time.
Private part cleaning

How to keep clean your private parts by women

Still today, women avoid talking about the cleanliness of their private parts (Vagina). It is very important to maintain vaginal hygiene for which you need to have knowledge of these things.

How to clean women's secret organs

Thighs are wet due to vaginal secretion, sweating, or urination after women do not clean the vagina. Due to the long stay wet, there is a risk of bacterial growth. Not only this, but there is also the danger of infection or stigma problem. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the place dry as well as cleaning the vagina. What is attraction

Keep changing sanitary napkins

Most women do not change sanitary napkins at a time of menstruation, for a long time. Let us know that sanitary napkins should be changed every 5 to 7 hours. If sanitary napkins are worn for long periods of time, then due to rashes or odor, the cause of infection can be caused.
Private part cleaning

Maintaining the PH level

The vagina helps in maintaining proper temperature, PH and moisture to protect itself from bacteria and infections. Generally, the pH level of the vagina is from 3.8 to 4.5, which can significantly change the use of hard soap or chemical substance, which can damage the vagina. Mild soap should be used to maintain the PH level. Never use hard soap in the vagina. Other products of vaginal cleansing also exist in the market. You can also use them.

Cleaning the vagina after sexual intercourse

To avoid infection, it is very important to clean the vagina after intercourse. Body fuels and condom can cause infection in some partial vagina. Therefore, it is very important to clean the vagina with infections and bacteria to clean with mild soap and water.

Clean the vagina's pubic hair

Keeping the cleaning of Pubic Hair, try to make hair smaller or not in the private area so that it can get rid of sweat-causing itching. Always use a new blade to clean pubic hair. Private part cleaning by natural methods.
Private part cleaning

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