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Lesbian sex, Why Its happened?

Lesbian sex, Why these relations are formed? the word Lesbian is used for those women who are attracted to other women and starts loving them. They want to have mutual sexual intercourse and in many cases, they want to stay together even after marriage. I think this is due to hormones which attract girls towards girls. Like some boys who have sex with boys, they are called Homo. Lesbian sex, Why these relations are formed?
Lesbian sex
It is only due to hormonal problems. Because boys are male hormone testosterone and female hormone estrogen in girls. When the boy and the girl interact with each other, then the oxytocin hormone is formed which is the love hormone that is made during sex. And this does not happen in Lesbian girls they have hormone problems. According to research, lesbian girls do not like to have sex with boys. They just want to have sex with each other, they hate that boy. How to regain virginity fast before marriage

Why do lesbian sex?

Some of the reasons for this can be one or more of the following.

  • Maybe that woman is cheated by a man and she does not trust any other man for this reason. 
  • After watching the lesbian porn film, some women are attracted to other women.
  • Another lesbian girl transforms the thinking of an ordinary girl.
  • When a woman is sexually exploited by males in her childhood, she hates the male race.
  • Many times a woman's husband or boyfriend cannot satisfy her completely or give enough time in such a situation, she comes closer to his female partner.
There may be other reasons like, in the traditional society of India in the past, there was a ban on the girls being able to independently meet the boys so some sexually transmitted girls were lesbian, especially in those episodes where they had been in contact with Lesbian girls before them. Some married women also became lesbian whose husbands were left out of work for a couple of months in a year due to the job and they lived in the joint family with devarani, Jethani, Nand, etc. Some women also became lesbian after coming in contact with stomach massaging women after delivery. How to cure Premature ejaculation permanently
Lesbian sex
At present, girls stay in or out of the home due to higher education and jobs, in the form of hostels, pennies guest or in rented houses. Lesbian senior students in the hostel make them even lesbian. Some lesbian girls even marry each other and live like a pair of lifespan. How to stop masturbate

Lesbian duets provide satisfaction to each other by interpersonal sexual activity. Excitement can also be obtained by these actions. Lesbian duels provide sexual intercourse to each other by interplay, kiss, friction, seduction, etc.
Lesbian sex
Sex between two women usually ends with the climax with one or both people. Although it may or may not be the first climax for participants. No two people experience sex in the same way but sex between two women really feels good. I cannot say that every woman has sex like this or every man does but a lot more men and women do this. Foods that cause impotence

In general, more women intercourse while having sex with any other woman than men. I think this is a double problem which has very little connection with biology.

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