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How to eat garlic, Benefits and side effects

How to eat garlic  Please peel the raw garlic and cut it into small pieces and then taste and eat it. There will be nothing to swallow directly. A clove of garlic on a daily basis is beneficial in many ways but more quantity or irregular dosage can be disadvantages. If you really eat raw garlic twice a day, it will prove to be very beneficial for your health. How to eat garlic.
How to eat garlic
Garlic is usually used to enhance taste in food. But the tradition of roasting garlic and eating raw is from ancient times. Cholesterol is growing or patients of diabetes. Garlic intake in our diet is extremely beneficial not only in winter but also in every season. Its benefits are shocking too. Private part cleaning by natural methods

In a new study, it has emerged that men who are garlic eat more women are attracted towards them. According to this study, women enjoy the smell of their sweat. Scientists believe that women have grown in such a way. Now those people who eat garlic, they like them. 

Garlic is rich in various types of vitamins and nutrients. It contains manganese-calcium, copper, selenium and other essential ingredients along with vitamin B1, B6, and C. That is, we can also call it vitamin capsules. Sex during period good or bad

Raw garlic has many benefits

Cancer fighters

Garlic helps the body fight against serious diseases such as cancer by increasing our body's resistance. The doctor advises eating raw jowl of garlic in cholesterol, breast and prostate cancer.
How to eat garlic

Good for heart

Garlic helps keep your heart fit. It contains elements which increase the level of good cholesterol in the body, which makes it easier to eliminate bad cholesterol. Patients with hypertension and high blood pressure should eat at least one pod of garlic every day.
How to eat garlic

Beneficial in pregnancy

Regular consumption of garlic during pregnancy is beneficial for both mother and infant. It is helpful in increasing the weight of the baby in the womb of the mother. How to get Big Breasts by natural methods
How to eat garlic
Beneficial in blood clotting
Garlic intake is also beneficial for those whose blood is much thicker. It prevents blood clotting, dilutes the blood and makes blood flow smooth. Things to avoid during period
How to eat garlic

Garlic protects from infection

Garlic consumption increases the body's resistance to T-cells, phagocytes, lymphocytes, etc. and increases the body's resistant capacity. Eating garlic does not immediately affect the body of any type of infection. What is attraction with women
How to eat garlic

Beneficial in toothache

Taking the garlic provides relief in toothache. For this, grind garlic with cloves and leave the prepared paste on the part of the toothache. In a while, you will get relief in pain. How to eat garlic
How to eat garlic

Garlic is a boon for men

The man who does not get complete uplift in his private part for some reason raw garlic is considered a boon for them. Because in it there is aphrodisiac an aphrodisiac trait found. If a weak man eats after chewing 2-4 buds of garlic in an empty stomach in the morning, then the flow of blood in the private part is completed. The problem of erectile dysfunction is eliminated. Lesbian sex
Garlic is a boon for men

Benefits in HIV Treatment

One study shows that garlic helps in the treatment of HIV infection. Dialysis disulfide present in garlic prevents the growth of HIV cells and helps in the destruction of infected cells. Since HIV treatment is not possible yet, its effects can be reduced. Garlic is a medicinal drug for people suffering from HIV, which helps in reducing the effects of this disease. In this way, HIV patients and common people should use garlic on a regular basis. HOW TO REGAIN VIRGINITY FAST BEFORE MARRIAGE
How to eat garlic

Strengthen bones

Increasing age and poor lifestyle often cause bone weakness. This means that the possibility of problems like fracture and osteoporosis increases due to weak bones. But garlic can help you deal with this type of problem. Arthritis and osteoporosis can be treated using garlic. One study shows that using garlic oil can be an effective treatment of arthritis and other related problems. In order to strengthen the bones, the usual person should take 2-3 garlic buds daily. This can be the best way to overcome problems related to bones. How to stop masturbate
How to eat garlic

Raw garlic has also many side effects

  • Garlic can cause bad breath, stomach or chest burning, gas, nausea, vomiting, body odor, and diarrhea. The use of garlic paste on the skin can harm the skin. 
  • Pregnancy and lactating women should take it under the supervision of VaidyaRaj.
  • The use of garlic makes blood flow fast. Therefore, stop consuming garlic at least two weeks before a scheduled surgery.
  • Garlic can cause irritation in the gastrointestinal tract. So if you have a digestive problem then use garlic carefully.
  • After taking more raw garlic, a healthy person is likely to have a heart attack.
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