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Freezing sperm, Soldiers increasing in technique?

Freezing sperm, As we all know today's science is very much ahead, science has discovered another new search with many discoveries. Freezing sperm, In this process, any male sperm can freeze in the fertility clinic so that if the child wants later, then it can be done in vitro fertilization. But to properly explain this process, we have to tell the sperm of the male and the eggs of women properly. Freezing sperm
Freezing sperm

How a baby is born?

When we were young, there was no one to tell us. We tell you the whole process. We can only explain that, What is vitro and why do they?


If you look in the microscope, the sperm looks like a snake. The head of the sperm is always part of the oval. This part is present in the acrosome which releases one type of enzyme. This enzyme is an important part of the process of fertilization. This is where the genetic information of men is present. It is inside the men's semen. Its presence only coincides with a woman becoming a mother.
Freezing sperm


Spermicides are made in tests and mature in a coiled tube, which is called epididymis. At the end of intercourse, they travel with the gland and seminal vesicle. Then the sperm gets the tip of the penis and the female vagina along the urethra. From there, they start their journey to the female reproductive tract.
Freezing sperm

Ovulation of women

After about fourteen days of menstruation, women ovulate when an egg leaves from their ovary and goes into the fallopian tube. Where waits for the sperm to meet.
Freezing sperm

Journey of sperms

Millions of sperm deposits in the vagina during sexual intercourse and from there they go through the cervical canal in the uterine cavity and then into the fallopian tube. If one fertilize an egg, then it develops itself into the embryo and lining in the womb. The most important thing is that millions of sperm die mostly because the atmosphere inside the vagina is not conducive to them. Only a few eggs reach.

What is in vitro fertilization?

In this, millions of sperms finish the race. Directly fertilize the sperm to the egg. Just like...

There are three processes...

• The eggs first emerge.
• Then fertilize it with sperms.
• Then put it back in the uterus.
Freezing sperm

What is the reason for troops increasing trends towards this technique?

Now we can answer it properly. Like we told, There are only 4-5 days every month when there is hope for a child to be born after sexual intercourse. Most of the soldiers live outside and their physical connection to their wife is sometimes occurring. If it happens, then it does not occur between 10 to 15 days of the menstrual cycle when the baby is expected to be born. Ask anyone you, who want to be born, sometimes it takes a lot of months because it depends on the chance. If sperm dies, then try again next month. 
Freezing spermIf a soldier sometimes interacts with his wife and he does not even do it within 10-15 days then the expectation of being a child is very little. So By Freezing sperm of soldiers, they will be able to create children by vitro fertilization process. 
This is the real reason for this.
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