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How to regain virginity fast before marriage

How to regain virginity fast before marriage

How to regain virginity fast before marriage, the way to get back the virginity depends on how virginity is defined. Normally, especially the conservative society of India believes that the presence of vaginal in the vagina of the woman is the evidence of virginity. While in fact, it is not, the hymen is called the membrane which partially or mostly covers the outer entrance of the vagina. How to regain virginity fast before marriage Read Private part cleaning by natural methods

In many countries, it is believed that lack of scientific knowledge, if the husband does not bleed due to rupture of vaginal bleeding from the vagina of the wife on the first night after marriage, then the wife is not the virgin. This is a type of virginity test conducted by family and society that is not scientifically correct. Read How to lighten your private area naturally

In the past, when child marriages were done, due to the very low age of the wife, due to the presence of her vagina and husband's first sexual intercourse, the vaginal bleeding was more likely to bleed. But at present, when girls are getting married at 27-28 years of age or more, it is expected that honey will still be bleeding due to the absence of vaginal bleeding. Because vaginal ruptures also occur due to normal activities such as physical exercise, sports, cycling, etc. Apart from this, most of the girls, especially those who go out of the house or stay in a hostel, paying guest facility or rental house for higher studies or jobs. To control the natural and human behavior, masturbation takes place, etc., which also damages the vaginal. Girls from some of those open-minded and open-minded ideas establish their relationship with their boyfriend, which also causes their vaginal damage. Read Big Breasts, How to get by natural methods

How to regain virginity fast before marriage

At present, some girls get some restoration of vaginal secretion shortly after the marriage process called hymenoplasty. Although the vaginal seizure is restored by this procedure, it cannot be said that this came back to virginity. Virgin is said to be the person who has never established a sexual connection. If someone has sex once, then she is no longer a virgin, because she is undone by reducing virginity, Cannot be obtained. Read Dark inner thighs, how to lighten by home remedies

How to regain virginity fast before marriage

I think the concept of virginity is akin to it. Just as in the human body there are many organs such as the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc. In the same way, women have a vagina and a penis in the men. Thus, being extremely sensitive to unnecessarily in relation to the use of any organ is unprofessional and unnecessary. Read How to use a pad in period

It is never questioned about men in the society whether they have sex in the past or not, whether it is virgin or not. Do not forget that in the past, when effective contraception like today was not available, women were afraid of getting pregnant due to sexual activity. Which did not apply in relation to men? Probably for this reason women and men used to see sexual activity differently. Read Benefits of sleeping without a bra

How to regain virginity fast before marriage

The concept of virginity is not so simple and flat. A newbie can also raise the question of what kind of sexual activity does virginity go away? Whether the virginity goes away just by playing foreplay events such as kisses, hugging, sensitive organs such as breasts, thighs and vaginal touch and masses, etc. Is penis penetration and ejaculation necessary to go virginity? Whether the woman gets her virginity by using the same sex or by using fingers, without giving her extreme pleasure (orgasm). In this way, we see that the concept of virginity is not so simple. Read Sex during period good or bad

But it is clear that once the Virginity is gone, it cannot be recovered.

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