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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Best time to drink water for weight loss

Best time to drink water for weight lossThis reminds me of a debate in my office. How true is it that you should not drink water after eating food. One day in my office my friend who is also an Ayurvedic doctor also stopped drinking after drinking a sudden food and said that it reduces gastric digestion (the similarity of a kind of fire in the stomach to digest food). The food will come late and digestive problems will start coming. So do not do that. I thought something and did not drink water on that day, it looked like acidity. It may be something like this that has always been done in this work, nor did anybody ever say that or did that ever. Best time to drink water for weight loss
Best time to drink water for weight loss
A few days did the same. There was no special difference. After eating, one drink which took two glasses of water was stopped. read Sex during period good or bad

Then one day asked another friend, 'Brother, is it possible?' Speech can also dilute water acid according to Bhai Chem Shatra, and dilute the digestive juices again and then slow down the digestion.
Best time to drink water for weight loss
Then the mind is baffled, but it is necessary to have thin half of the digested food or to eat thin in accordance with the original ghost theory of digestion, and accordingly, the vegetable with roti will stop cooking. This argument is not understood. Brother digestive juices are slow chemicals and according to the Oustaval Law of Desolation, dim chemicals work as good as they are more diluted. read Yoga tips for beginners at home

Then, even before reaching a decision, the argument was broken.
Best time to drink water for weight loss
In the end, it was understood that drinking water but not much, but it is not good for drinking water, then now I drink a little water after a few minutes after eating and drinking water according to the need for some rest. read Big Breasts, How to get by natural methods

Personal opinion is that drink a little bit too much. The body absorbs water from the food and keeps the condition of digestion in the digestion.
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