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Benefits and side effects of Guava

Benefits side effects Guava

Benefits and side effects of Guava, Today we are going to talk about the benefits and side effects of Guava. It gets more in the winter season. People eat it with salt. The upper part of the guava is green and it is white in color and red in color. Guava is delicious in eating, along with it removes countless diseases from our body. According to Ayurveda, its seeds, fruits, leaves, and even its roots also contain properties. Guava Bark is very cool. Vitamin C is found in abundance in guava. Guava is very beneficial for us. Let us know about the advantages and disadvantages of guava. Read How to eat garlic, Benefits and side effects

Benefits of Guava

Guava relief in ulcer

If you have a problem of ulcer in the mouth due to cold or hot food. In such a situation, you should eat rid of guava or fresh leaves of guava, and you will get relief. Read How to lighten your private area naturally

Benefits side effects Guava

Guava relief in constipation 

If there is a complaint of constipation in your stomach due to eating unbalanced food. You should also include guava regularly in your salad. The problem of stomach constipation will be solved. Read Big Breasts, How to get by natural methods

Benefits side effects Guava

Guava remove the stench of mouth 

If your mouth smells, then break the fresh leaves of the guava tree and chew regularly for a few days. By doing so, the deodorant of the mouth will end. Read Dark inner thighs, how to lighten by home remedies

Best for skin

If you have stains on your skin then grind the fresh leaves of guava and apply it on the face, it will enhance the skin. Read How to use a pad in period

Benefits side effects Guava

Guava relief in colds and coughs

If the guava is wrapped in clothes and hot in the ash. After that eating with lightly salt and light black pepper powder in the morning and evening. It provides relief quickly in cough and cold. Read little boobs, How to make little boobs big

Benefits side effects Guava

Guava relief in Hemorrhoids

People who have a complaint of Hemorrhoids. They should consume about 250 gm. of guava in the morning. Will soon get relief. Read Benefits of sleeping without a bra

Beneficial for the brain

The heat of the brain starts decreasing by chewing empty stomach Guava in the morning. Read Exercise to reduce belly fat for a female at home

Benefits side effects Guava

Guava control diabetes

Due to high amounts of the fiber in guava, it is beneficial for diabetics. Read Mouth saliva benefits

Benefits side effects Guava

Guava eyelash eyesight

Guava is helpful in increasing our eyesight. Because Vitamin A is also found in it. Read How to stop male arousal 

Guava can protect against cancer

Lycopene found in guava protects against cancer in the body. Read How to increase milk supply in breasts

Benefits side effects Guava

Guava prevents more thirst

If you are thirsty again and again. So you should eat Guava, you will not be thirsty again and again. Read Private part cleaning by natural methods

Benefits side effects Guava

The side effect of Guava

Guava is harmful to pregnant women

A woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding your baby. Then she should refrain from taking guava. Because it contains more fiber content. That can cause diarrhea from the guava. Read Saggy Boobs, How to lift saggy boobs.

Benefits side effects Guava

Do not eat cool guava 

Guava should not be cooled in the fridge by doing this, all the nutrients of guava are destroyed. Then it is only okay to eat and not eat it. Read Things to avoid during period

Guava can cause of diarrheal disease

Guava has more fiber in it. More Diet can cause diarrhea. Women should not eat guava as well. Read Menopause symptoms

Benefits side effects Guava

Bad effects of guava on digestive power

Guava has a bad effect on our digestive power. Because there is a high amount of fiber in it. Read How to increase stamina at home

Guava can cause stomach swelling

Eating a high amount of guava can cause problems in the stomach, swelling with gas. Water should be consumed in large quantities for this. Read How to regain virginity fast before marriage

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